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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life Line

Real day-in-the-life show centering around the medical profession and the bond between patient and physician. Excellent example of the good PBS brought forth before liberal agendas took the place of science.


  1. Very nice blog and articles....plz keep writing.... :)
    We have still working Orkut community "old Doordarshan serial"

    wiil love you see there.

  2. I miss this. the realistic stories and the emotions conveyed are a long way from the similar but glamorous serials these days. Truth be told, hardly any good serials come about these days.

  3. hi... i've been hunting for this serial for years but no luck at all. can someone plz let me know if this can be found on any link/store????? plz

  4. I have been looking for this serial for years like insanes.... can anybody help me getting at least the title music of the same?

  5. Hi surinder have you got title song of life line do share with us ... thanks jaideep

  6. Precursor to the much acclaimed ER in USA