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Monday, June 13, 2011



Chandrakanta is the story of eternal love set against the battle and strife between two kingdoms Naugarh and Vijaygarh. Virendra Vikram Singh (Prince of Naugarh) and Chandrakanta (Princess of Vijaygarh) are deeply in love but long for each other due to the enmity between their kingdoms. The two kings, who used to be good friends, become sworn enemies when Virendra Singh is accused of killing Prince Shakti Singh of Vijaygarh. Chandrakanta's exquisite beauty and poise makes her the object of desire for every King and Villain who resort to war and black magic to win her hand in marriage.

handrakanta - T V Series


  1. utter and total crap. the only good thing about this sordid piece of shite was the introduction of Akhilendra Misra (yakuu guy / or alternatively yuck-ewwww) to mainstream audiences in India.

  2. This was a good tv show in its time. I still love it.