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Friday, June 24, 2011

Kahan Gaye Woh Log

  Among all these controversies and smiles and tears in SRGMP, one wonders what happened to all those winners in earlier SRGM contests? Where are they? What are they doing? Have they been able to achieve success in their careers. Of course we know about few who have, but there were many others, about who we dont know much about. So what are they doing in life now?  
            I thought it would be good to follow the careers of the past winners, some of whom have been our favorites.
             Here is an article about the first ever winner of SRGM megafinal. Some if us know that she did get a break in Kareeb. But after that she faded away from the glitter and glamour of Indian film music.
        But I was happy to come across this article that states that  she is doing well for herself.
        This is the first article I am posting. I will look for others and keep sharing information with you if you are interested.
      In one of the pictures, Shivprasad is seen who I believe is also one of the SRGM winners.

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