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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bante Bigadte

Bante Bigadte was a debut - making platform for most of the top names in the industry involved with its making. A sparkling Comedy of a good for nothing dreamer Murarilal and his hard - nosed practical wife Dulari. The Serial brings out the inherent contrasts between the male and female psyche. It highlights the inherent difference between idle impractical creativity and hardheaded practicality. Our couple inherits the wealth of Murari’s maternal uncle and the small town dwellers from Jhansi move into an entirely different lifestyle in a metropolis Bombay. Inspite of the windfall that has been sent his way by fate Murari refuses to change his incorrigible ways. Murari spends most of his time devising whimsically impractical schemes with his trustworthy and stupid friend Banwari. Meanwhile Dulari, the Practical woman takes charge of the situation. The comical opposites in the characters interact with various situations to generate a memorable Sitcom. The serial is a hilarious comedy with a strong emotional content.

Bante Bigadte - T V Series

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