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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chekhov Ki Duniya

A collection of six short stories by Chekhov dealing with emotions in relationships running the gamut of trite power plays, sublime love, the commonplace everyday to exceptional circumstances, from the abyss of poverty to the idle games of the rich.

“Besahara Aurat” features a wild woman with a nervous disorder who tries to extort money from a banker.

“Dooba Hua Aadmi”, a man in the “maritime entertainment business” will drown himself for a small fee.

“Shikari” shows a man-about-town giving an instructional session on seducing women, using a new husband as the conduit for his attempted seduction of the man’s bride, Irena.

“Cheenk” an ironic tale, ‘The Sneezer’ cannot apologize enough to a blustering general for sneezing on his head at the opera. ‘The Clerk’ cannot redeem himself of guilt and fears demotion.

“Surgery” Story of a man with a toothache faced with an inexperienced dental assistant who attempts his first tooth examination.

“The Gift” A tale of a dedicated father who thrusts his shy, 19-year old son into manhood by taking him to a house of ill repute, only to relent at the last moment and leave the boy more perplexed than ever.

Chekhov Ki Duniya - T V Series


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