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Friday, June 17, 2011



First film: Amanat (Urdu - 1950)
Last film: Larram (Pashto - 1986)
Darpan was a top hero in the beginning of the 60s. He was introduced in film Amanat in 1950 and after only one more film Billo, he left Pakistan and tried his luck in Mumbai, where he appeared in two Indian films Barati and Adl-e-Jahangir. But he was more active in non-professional activities there and became one of many victim of famous Indian actress Nigar Sultana (who played famous Dil Aram role in classic Indian film Mughal-e-Azam and was married director S.M. Yousuf and actor Zahoor Raja too!). Darpan came back to Lahore after few years, where film industry was booming and he acted in first film Baap ka Gunnah.But he got breakthrough from his own produced film Sathi. Raat ke Rahi, Saheli, Gulfam, Qaidi, Anchal, Baji, Shikwa, Ik tera sahara and Naela were some big films as hero. His last big film as hero was Pail ki jhankar in 1966. He was hero in Waheed Murad's two produced films Insaan badalta hai and Jab se dekha hai tumhen. He was villain in Ik Gunah aur sahi and supporting actor in Khuda te Maa, Jab jab Phool khiley and few other films.
Darpan's real name was Syed Ishrat Abbas. Santosh (Syed Musa Raza) was his elder brother and director S. Suleman and (flop actor from the mid 70s) Mansoor were his step-brothers. He was married to Nayyar Sultana and he died in 1981.

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