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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Alif Laila


(Thousand Nights) is a TV series based on the stories from The Arabian Nights. It was produced by Sagar Films (Pvt. Ltd.). It was made in two seasons. The first season was aired on DD National and the second SAB TV. Later, it was also aired on ARY Digital. The series became very popular. The dialogue is in Urdu. It proved to be a great success and achievement for its producers and broadcasters. Much of the credit of its success goes to Ramanand Sagar. This was one of his greatest works. Shah Nawaz one of the lead actors played different roles in the series.
The Series starts right from the very beginning when Scheherazade starts telling stories to Shahryar. Alif Laila contains both the well-known and the lesser-known stories from The Arabian Nights of which some are mentioned here.
The legacy of Arabian Nights told for the first time on television as a daily fantasy series.
1001 stories in 1001 nights are told in the most exiting, enthralling and romantic way.
But, there are many more stories beyond Aladdin and his magic lamp, Alibaba and 40 thieves, Sinbad and his sailing saga in the wonderful treasure of stories that haven?t come to public eye.
The yet to be told stories from the Arabian Nights with great morals, laced with flying carpets, magic lamps and amazing fairies.
In those days Kings used to disguise and go out of their palace in order to see and get to know his subjects. Like that when our Alif Laila king went out, he meets a beggar who beg for money but won’t take the money before being beaten. The king asks him why and asks him to come to his palace and tell the reason.
The Beggar comes and tells that he is born to a rich and lovable family and how he ditches them by gambling all his money. He even steals 4 camel which carried treasure from a wise man who ask his for favor so that he can build a well in a desert.
One day beggar meets a Jin who gives a eye kajal, if he applies in one eye he can see treasures buried underground. The beggar puts the eye kajal in both his eyes and becomes blind. At end he realizes his sin and promises himself that he will be beaten before having his meal.
Then our King journey continues when he sees another young prince beating his horse. The king ask him same thing and here goes our second story starts.
The prince was in love with a princess named Abida but he falls in hands of a beautiful witch who comes in revenge of Abida and her father. The witch marries the prince and kills his mom, dad, sis and tries to kill his bro and put blame in Abida.
Abida proves that they are not guilty and changes the witch to a horse and prince decides to beat the horse for 11 yrs and after that the witch burns and dies off.
Today also the KING has left his palace in search of new story. So, be ready with your magic carpet to experience Journey into Magical World.

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