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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vikram Aur Betaal

Winner of Uptron Award for Great TV Performance.
Bombay Film Award - Most Popular TV Serial of the year.
Mahashivratri Awards - Best TV Serial.
All India Film Goers Awards - Most Outstanding TV Serial.


King Vikramaditya and the Yogi.
King Roopsen and his bodyguard Virvar.
Love story of King Yashodhan.
Three suitors and Samaprabha.
The story of Padmavati and Prince Vajramukti.
Rich girl accepts thief as husband.
King Chandrasen and his servant Satvasheel.
Three sensitive brothers.
The Husband, Thief and Lover.
The Prince and the three sensitive sisters.
Whom will the Princess Marry
Who is the Real Father
The giant and the brave boy.
Love is eternal.
The lovers of Princess Chandraprabha.
The dilemma of Mahamantri and King Vallabh.
The unsuccessful penance of Gunkar.
The story of Rajkumar and the bird.
The gambling temptation of Gopu.
The realization of Prince Anandsen.
The story of legendary love of Sukesh and legendary duty of King Dharamveer.
The love story of four princes.
The justice of King Satyadev.
The dreams of Dagdoo.
The story of greedy Apurva.
The revenge of Nagin.

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  1. woh daur hi kuch aur tha. bachpan dekhe gaye yeh sahi dharawahik avismarniya hai.