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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Singhasan Battisi

s an Indian television series that aired on DD National channel, based on the story of the throne of Raja (King) Vikramaditya, which has 32 statues of angels on it.Singhasan means Throne and Battissi is a word derived from the number battis (Hindi) which is thirty two. So, this is the story of Thirty Two statues of Angels on the throne of King Vikramaditya. The starts with a few kids from nearby village playing on a ground. They get into a quarrel and decide that somebody will have to act as a judge and solve the matter. Therefore, one of the kids from the group sits on a nearby elevation and solves the matter so precisely that both the parties not only accept the judgment but praise him for his abilities. Then, whenever anybody faces any problem they consult the boy. However, the boy always sits on the elevation for passing the judgment. The King of that empire also hears about the judgment of the boy. He decides to investigate the matter as he is also interested...


  1. How can we get rest of episodes

  2. i hope doordarshan will repeat all old serial like sinhasan battisi,vikram aur betal,chanakya all we love this serial

  3. I love old tv serial thanks doordarshan
    Please retaliation