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Sunday, July 3, 2011


Mrityunjay is a classic novel written by Shivaji Savant on the life of Karn, the great warrior and benevoulent hero in the Indian history. Mrityunjay is a hindi word that means a person who had won the death. Karn was son of the princess Kunti and God Sun but brought up by Adheerath a coachman in Hastinapur, the kingdom of Kurus. The famous war of Mahabharat happened due to the rivalry of Duryodhan (Prince of kauravas) and Pandava even though there were only two persons who could stop the war –Shree Krishna and Karn.
Shivaji Savant bring forth the whole life of Karn with the minute details of his pains, feelings, commitment and devotion, longing to be recognized along with the view of his close ones and his opponents about him Karn was borne with the shield on his body

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