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Friday, July 8, 2011

Space City Sigma

A strange new deadly creature has sneaked aboard the ship. The latest maneuver of  Zakhakoo to take down Commander Tara and his city, the last hurdle to his plans of adding earth to his galactic kingdom and the universe. This time he sent a small Blob, strangely, much resembling a stinky wet Upla, a throbbing pack of  cow-dung . The Blob is given to jumps onto its unsuspecting victims and sucks the life force out of them. Soon, this 'death-on-contact-with-skin' creature starts making victims out of helpless citizens of the Space City who have no clue about the nature of these new deaths. As the word slowly spreads,there is mayhem, in this mayhem the Blob zeros in on what could be its most prized victim - Shakti. As a doors open (automatically, woosh-pause-woosh), Shakti walks in only to be attacked slyly by the Blob. In the manner of its previous killings, this time too, Blob goes for the face, sticking to the face of Shakti who for a moment seems to be in the grips of death itself. There is a struggle, but by now it has already dawned of the viewers - Blob stands no chance, this was a brilliant stroke of luck (or genius of its makers). Stupid Blob had gone for the metal half of Shakti's face. Shakti will survive and kill the Blob. Space City Sigma was safe again, Zakhakoo had again been defeated.


  1. Oh thanx a lot .I used to watch this serial ,but i still happen (if i am not wrong)remember that the serial had people with all waring white dresses and carry a mobile type device size of scientific calculator.They even did show video calling at that time.But i happen to remember the serial as ZIGMA used to come on sundays after 11:00 AM i think so.Its been a long time But happy to see the page

  2. i happen to remember that there used to be a burger which used to fly and stick to the cheeks and kill people and they used to give injunction and kill the funny burger type flying thing!!

    1. You are absolutely right... some fleshy object stick on the people's faces and they used to inject some anti-dotes inside that fleshy object ... I dont find any videos ... that's so bad.. no record uploaded..

  3. Does any body has got any videos of this serial. Please upload it on youtube PLS pLS PLS PLS PLS..... :)

  4. this is my dream serial. i like this serial for a long time.
    sigma encouraged my subconscious so much...
    It enhanced my thought and idea in such a manner that made my scientific approach strongly and i became a physicist...
    If someone have any video related to serial sigma then plz upload it...........