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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shriman Shrimati

Shrimaan Shrimati was a popular sitcom that first aired on Doordarshan in 1989. It starred Jatin Kanakia, Rakesh Bedi, Reema Lagoo and Archana Puran Singh in the lead roles. It became quite popular due to the good storylines and excellent comic performances from all the lead actors. Shrimaan Shrimati was written by Ashok Patole, directed by Rajan Waghdhare and produced by Gautam and Markand Adhikari (popularly referred to as the "Adhikari brothers").
Shrimaan Shrimati was built on the premise of "love thy neighbor's wife." Keshav Kulkarni (played by Jatin Kanakia) is married to Kokila (played by Reema Lagoo). Their neighbours are a popular film actress Prema Shalini (played by Archana Puran Singh) and her effeminate husband Dilruba (played by Rakesh Bedi). Keshav is attracted to Prema's glamorous looks and lifestyle, while Dilruba is attracted to Kokila who is a smart housewife. Both of them make use of every possible opportunity (and create many of their own) to flirt with each other's wives, but every time their efforts come to nought. .
The other important characters in the TV series are Keshav and Kokila's son Chintu (played by Ajay Nagrath), their other neighbor Ganga (played by Hema Diwan, Keshav's boss Mr. Sharma (played by Shail Chaturvedi) and his office colleague Gokhale (played by Vijay Gokhale)..

Shriman Shrimati - T V Series

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