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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gopichand Jasoos

Raj Kapoor … Gopichand Jasoos
Zeenat Aman … Bela / Lacho / Shano Rani
I.S. Johar … Ram Rokada / No. 256
Viju Khote … Goan Taxi Driver
Sujit Kumar … Mr. Kaliram
Rajan Haksar
Pinchoo Kapoor
Gurbachchan Singh (as Gurbachan)
Manmohan Krishna … Girdhari Lal (Bank Manager)
Sunder … Constable Baliram Kamal Puri
Raj Kishore … Magician
Brahm Bhardwaj
Ratan Gaurang
Ram Moorti (as Ram Murti)
Naresh Kumar

Gopichand jasoos starring Raj Kapoor, is probably a hilarious remake of Inspector gadget of Indian cinema, Raj kapoor in a detective role makes more fun of himself than he makes the movie look funny, This
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movie clearly showed the raj kapoor we knew was faded and was over his head but to make this movie as his last starring movie, he comprised of other great funny cast, zeenat aman is in the movie as a his sidekick, Raj Kapoor fading away quickly after this movie and and met his end in 1986 after making his film Ram Teri Ganga Meili in 1985 and winning the best director for it.

This movie takes things rather in a most unusal ways, the plot is an okay one, but its preety much a goofy plot, a mob boss dies and he has taken a pack of diamonds with him in his coffin, now everybody from the gang is after the pouch and the chase begins, turns out zeenat is the daughter of that mob boss and he is helped by gopi(raj kapoor) to find those diamonds, its turs out she becomes his side kick for a while and gopi is leading the op.

The music and songs are pretty much skipable. They don’t have any reason to be in there, its just in it to make movie extend for the time being.

No real perfomance here, just plane ole dummies, running around in circles, The movie is only worth the mention is because raj kapoor gives a last shot at a dying age, it showed some respect from him for the Indian cinema and tells us how an actor dosn’t give up without a lasting impression. Though he was pretty much a failure after Mera Naam Joker, he made a directional portfolio for himself, by directing SSS, Prem Rog and Ram Teri Ganga Meili.

Gopichand Jasoos - T V Series

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