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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Aryamaan - T V Series

QUICK! WHO is India's answer to Gi-Joe? "Shaktimaan'' will be the prompt reply from any 10-year-old. Ask him who the President is. Chances are you'll draw a blank stare for a reply. Such is the effect of the idiot box.
Spiderman, He-man, Batman... children have always idealised these icons. We all have, at some time or the other wished for the magical powers that they possess to fulfil our deepest desires.
Sci-fi soaps have always drawn loyal fan following, especially from children. They bunk school and stay up late, to watch their favourite heroes battle it out with the sinister forces of the universe. Another name to add to the list of superheroes is ``Aryamaan''.
Did we here you say who is he? Well, Aryamaan is the latest offering of the production house, Bheeshm International, that is ready to hit the small screen. While Shaktimaan fights evil forces on earth, Aryamaan will fight his battles all over the universe in his endeavour to reclaim his kingdom.
``The serial titled `Aryamaan - Brahmaand ka Yodha' is a fantasy tale of high drama, adventure, betrayal and romance,'' said Mukesh Khanna, who plays the lead role. He was in the City for the promotion of his latest serial.
The story set in space, revolves around the warrior prince, Aryamaan, who is out to regain his lost kingdom, Thar Empire in Ariana Galaxy. But he has to confront his stepmother queen, Nasa Shukrant, Narak and others to win back the kingdom.
The special effects by Crest Communication are supposed to be of international standards. The cost of production of each episode is said to be about Rs.15 lakhs-Rs.20 lakhs.
``The astounding success of Shaktimaan has inspired us to go in for something bigger and even more appealing. Aryamaan can boast of committed performances, appealing photography, state-of-the-art special effects and slick production values,'' Mukesh Khanna told presspersons.
This is a multi-starrer with Kiran Kumar, Manjeet Kullar and Shanthi Priya in the cast. Dinker Jani directs the serial. The background score is given by Pyarelal of Lakshmikant-Pyarelal fame.
It is only time that will show whether Aryamaan will surpass the popularity that Shaktimaan boasts of. Aryamaan will go on air on Doordarshan at noon from July 14. 

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